A few recent comments from our visitors’ book

March 2013 – Celia and Stu from Hampshire
"Lovely nights stay, Pleasant and very comfortable."

March 2013 – Hilary and Eric from Essex
"It was an absolute pleasure staying here in every aspect."

March 2013 – Ray and Lynda from Gloucestershire
"Wonderful room, host and breakfast."

January 2013 – David and Helen from West Midlands
"Another comfortable stay, delicious breakfasts too."

January 2013 – Tony and Susan from Suffolk
"Thank you for your first class hospitality and help during our stay."

December 2012 - Fred from East Sussex
"Great Hosts, Excellent breakfasts and dinners, score 11/10."

December 2012 - Cathy from Falmouth
"Nice comfortable stay, very enjoyable short break, Thanks."

November 2012 – Jeanne from The Vendee, France
"Excellent hospitality."

November 2012 – Susanna from Torquay
"Very soft beds, fantastic sausages at breakfast."

October 2012 – Lynn from Sydney, Australia
"Excellent room & hospitality, good food with a great boiled egg and strawberry jam."

October 2012 – Keesen from Amersfoort, Holland
"It was very, very good here."

October 2012 – Georgina from Saltash
"A very, very enjoyable stay, lovely room and food." 

September 2012 – Margon from Holland
"Erg goed."

September 2012 – Arthur from Stafford
"First class, very comfortable homely accommodation, thank you."

September 2012 – Martin from Kent
"Thank you for an excellent stay again!"

September 2012 – Angela from Suffolk
"Wonderful hospitality and excellent food and accommodation – Five Star."

September 2012 – Mo and Colin from Cumbria
"Hospitality great – eggy bread unforgettable!"